This weekend I took a second solo trip to Porto, Portugal! Porto is the second largest city in Portugal after Lisbon and it was amazing and gorgeous. Proof:


This bridge is called Dom Luis, and it was designed by a protege of Gustave Eiffel’s. (Doesn’t it look familiar?) Traffic is on the bottom and the Metro runs on the top.


A view from the top of that bridge. I didn’t go all the way out though, because it was windy and I was wearing a skirt..


I went up to the top of a gorgeous church for a 360 view of the city! 3 euros well spent.

The city was wonderful! What these pictures don’t quite convey is how hilly it was, my legs definitely got a workout during my time there. It was a bit confused initially with my impression of the city because it seemed to take a lot of little things from places I’ve already been. There were a lot of ceramic tiles on buildings like Sevilla, the streets reminded me of Athens a little bit, and the hills and vibes reminded me of where I lived in Guatemala. Oh, and I was not expecting to see so many American tourists. They’re pretty easy to spot unfortunately…


Generic picture of me and the view

Probably my favorite thing I got to do in Porto was a free walking tour (I love how so many cities have them! You always meet the coolest people and learn so much). There was an English tour and a Spanish tour, so naturally I chose the one that wasn’t English and it was great. Several hours of being immersed in Spanish again was so very much fun and speaking it always makes me so happy. I still can’t tell which one I like better; whether I like Spanish because it’s still easier for me than French or whether I actually do like it better. I suppose I’ll find out sometime when my French catches up. I also determined that should I decide to learn something else (my French would need lots more work before this would happen), Portuguese interests me more than Italian. I like the sound of it and it would be more useful in the world.


*same caption as above* Sidenote: check out my super chic waterbottle, I think it’s a nice prop

A few other highlights of the city were the train station and a beautiful bookstore. The train station has a ton of blue ceramic tiles that tell the story of Portugal’s history!


It’s actually a pretty small station.

And the bookstore, Lello, is one that I had seen pictures of before because it is supposedly the third most beautiful bookstore in the world. The staircase was incredible.



I really wish I could have gotten better pictures of it, because it really was stunning. Refer here for MUCH better pictures of it in its entirety. My only complaint is the same one as for Shakespeare and Company in Paris: it only sells new books and I think bookstores should have old books.

Well, that’s all I have to report! It was my last weekend trip from Paris and I have now have two more weeks of classes (I actually had my final exams last week, so they are now purely for the love of the language haha) and next week Monday my Mom and Dad come for a few days! As I have said in a previous post, after this one I plan to fill in the gaps with a few posts on some of the specific things I did while in Paris, such as museums and neighborhoods. Stay tuned for those, they will make you want to come to Paris.

Thank you for reading!



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