I’ve decided that I’m going to write about my last two weekend trips and then a bit later I will recap all of the wonderful things I got to do in Paris (Spoiler: there’s A LOT). I’ve gone to many museums and walked in some really cool places.

Last weekend I flew out on Thursday night from Paris to spend the weekend in Copenhagen! It was the first time I had ever truly traveled by myself; all of other times I have met someone where I was going. Not this time; I was all on my own. I stayed in a hostel a bit of a walking distance from the center of the city, but I like walking quite a lot now, so it wasn’t a big deal. I loved the city, it was beautiful!

IMG_4843 - Copy

Beautiful harbor.

I started out the weekend with a three hour walking tour of the city, which was so informative! I was able to get oriented with the city and and hear recommendations for what I should come back and see later. Our guide was a young guy in his late 20s named Magnus and he was really funny.

IMG_4845 - Copy

The litter mermaid is behind me. The Danes don’t like her because she is small and has no story.

I spent the rest of day walking around with a German girl and two American dudes who were there traveling through northern Europe. They were a lot of fun.

IMG_4849 - Copy

IMG_4870 - Copy

This was my favorite street, the canal was so gorgeous.

The next day I went to the Danish National Gallery, which was wonderful! It has so many amazing pieces of art in its permanent collection. A lot of Rembrandt and Mattise. I have really learned to love art museums this semester, I’ve been to quite a few.


The Danish National Gallery from the outside. A majestic building.


I like to take pictures of paintings I like. This one is by Francesco Guardi of a festival in Venice.


I also was able to tour Rosenburg Palace, which is where the Danish royal residence used to be. It was beyond beautiful (sorry, I think I forgot to take pictures of it); very ornate and huge. The Danish crown jewels are also housed there!

(Sidenote: Our tour guide told us that the Danish really love their royal family. Apparently King Christian X did a lot of good things for the country during WWII, including protecting many of the Jews from the occupying Nazis. Their current princess Mary is from Australia and beloved as well.)




These are the things I would most like to steal. 

It was a huge success of a weekend! Copenhagen was the perfect place to travel alone; it was incredibly safe and really clean. So many things to see and not even as expensive as is commonly believed (although maybe I’m used to living in uber-expensive Paris).

Thanks for reading!



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