Florence, Venice, and Athens


This post is the final post of my Spring Break series. Now I can get back to writing about normal life instances! We only were able to spend one day each Florence and Venice, but the way I see it, that means that I need to come back and see these cities again.

Here we go:

We took a train from Rome to Vicenza (small city in northern Italy) and stopped in Florence on the way. There were a lot of lovely squares and bridges!


Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Breathtaking on the outside, pretty on the inside.

Maeve and Kinza decided to climb the Duomo, but I decided to do some shopping instead. They said it was an incredible view from the top!


Biggest gelato of my life. You bet that I ate every bite. Life’s too short. 


Mini photo shoot in front of the bridge. #sorrynotsorry 

From Florence, we took the train to Vicenza to stay for the weekend. Maeve’s family friend, Karin, graciously let us stay with her for the weekend and it was the best. She is doing a civilian job on the US Army base there for a few years and has a beautiful home! It was so nice to have a couch to sit on and coffee in the morning. I was also able to bake chocolate chip cookies one of the nights, so that was such an amazing taste of home!


View from the top of somewhere that I don’t remember. Close to Vicenza.


Karin’s niece, Gianna, and I after we ran down and then up a huge hill! 

The second day in Vicenza, we took a day trip to Venice, which was only an hour train ride away. It was so beautiful even if it rained a good chunk of our time there. The canals were just as pretty as all of the pictures and movies (Italian Job, anyone? Probably in my top 10 favorite movies) and there was such good shopping too!


I don’t even know what this is. I just hand people my phone and they take a million pics 


Beautiful canals.


Piazza San Marco. Not as many pigeons as they say! 


The Bridge of Sighs. It’s called that because it’s the last glimpse of the outside world convicted prisoners got a before life in prison.

We then flew from Venice to Athens. ATHENS. That was my favorite city on our trip by far. It had its jaded parts, but with all of the history, monuments, food, and everything else, I loved it!


The best gelato I’ve ever had in my entire life. Like cake batter with Oreos in it. Very ice cream-like, which is probably why I liked it so much. I like ice cream better than gelato.


We spent a lot of time inside this site. There were so many things I don’t know all of their names. 


History behind me.


Maeve is a fantastic photographer 🙂 


Such a ridiculously beautiful view, I wish the picture did it justice. Oh, and the sun was really bright and my eyes aren’t good at that.


This is the Acropolis. Touristy pose, but no regrets. 


When I first saw this picture, I wondered why I look different but then I realized it’s the first of me smiling EVER where my eyes are open. 


One of my dinners. Kebab, I love it so much


I had to include this because this is feta that I ordered to go with my kebab. The best I’ve ever had.


Temple of Olympian Zeus.


It was windy in case you were wondering.


Where we ate dinner the second night. How picturesque! 

It is also worth noting that Greece was the first time I’d ever been in a country that didn’t use Aramaic letters. All of the street signs and and business names were in Greek and it was the strangest but coolest thing!

Well, there you have it, two weeks after I get back I finally finish writing about it. Now I only need to catch up on the last two weeks in Paris…

Thanks for reading!



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