I told myself at the beginning of the semester that I would be good at posting these, but with my Spring Break trip, I lost a bit of time! I am going to be writing a few different posts about it, so here’s the first one.

My Spring Break here was two weeks long, so I was able to travel for ten days of it with two girls from my program. We went to Germany, Italy, and Greece, and it was really wonderful. So, without further ado:

I really enjoyed Munich. It has really beautiful buildings and churches. Here are a few pictures to prove it:


Fountain in the main square (Feat. a goofy smile by me)


There were several gorgeous churches here.



Anastasiya is a good friend of mine in my program, but she was only able to meet us for this one day of our trip.

We were able to tour the royal residence in Munich too; it was basically never-ending. It was beautiful.


My favorite room.



The other thing we got an opportunity to do while in Munich was Dachau, the first concentration camp. I would put a picture here, but honestly, the whole place made me too uncomfortable to take any photos. Maybe that’s the point. We had a tour around the compound that lasted two and a half hours, but I could’ve listened to our guide for much longer than that. We walked through a replica of a barrack, the crematorium, and a museum. I learned so many interesting but horrible things that I don’t think I can ever really forget.

Our next stop from Munich was Rome. Stay tuned!



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