Lots of things have been happening lately, but this post would be about a mile long if I included everything, so I’m going to stick to this weekend’s excursion to Provence.

Provence is the beautiful southern region of France, and it was so green! I love opportunities to travel within France because seeing other areas in France gives such a bigger picture to the country as a whole. We visited Aix-en-Provence and Arles, with a few things in between.

We took a train from Gare du Lyon in Paris and arrived in Aix in the morning, so we got quite a lot of time to explore the town. My sister studied abroad here five years ago; it’s such a pretty place.


fountain in the center.


lunch lunch lunch

While we were mostly free to explore the town, we had a walking tour during one of the afternoons, so that was really nice. I learned a lot of history. After that, a few friends and I went up to Cezanne’s studio, which was so cool. Cezanne lived in Aix I think near the end of his life, so there are many things dedicated to him there. We also went up to where we painted his pieces of St. Victoire, a mountain close by.


so many colors!


View of St. Victoire

The next thing our did was my favorite of the whole weekend. We went to Carrières de Lumières, which means boxes of light. It is a man-made quarry that projects images onto huge stone walls to create a show. It was incredible! There was classical music in the background and the images would change every few seconds, so it was impossible not to be entertained by every moment. Pictures do it better justice; remember, all of these are projected onto stone walls!


My favorite segment. Vintage pictures of Paris!


A lot of vibrant color.


This picture and the next are from a short Alice in Wonderland show that happened after the longer one.

We then got an afternoon to explore Arles, where Van Gogh spent some time painting. It was beautiful and right on the Rhone River.


The Rhone.

It was a great weekend overall; I made some new friends in our program as well, so that’s always a good time. I have just this week of classes and then two weeks of Spring Break, so I will have a break from class and get to  travel for ten days. More to come on that next week.

Thanks for reading!



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