The Week of Visitors


This particular weekend, everybody in the world decided to come to Paris, so I got to see lots of familiar faces! Alright, maybe not the whole world..

But before everyone came, API offered us the opportunity to see a film (a documentary) in The Geode. This is a theater in Paris, but it looks like a dome from the outside and is in IMAX 180, so when you’re inside, it’s almost like a planetarium because the screen is all around you. We watched a documentary that had baby polar bears, so safe to say it was worth my time. It was actually an American film with songs composed by Paul McCartney and narrated by Meryl Streep, but it was dubbed in French.


Me and a friend 🙂 

I also got to see some Parisian street art in our outing for my Discovering Paris class, so that was fascinating. There are some talented people out there.




This was my favorite.

Alright, visitors.

I found out on Wednesday that my 18-year-old cousin, David, from St. Louis would be stopping in Paris on his way to Greece for a Spring Break mission trip. He had never been to Paris before, so it was super fun to show him around! We walked around and saw some of the usual sights and ate some good French food. He was a blast to walk around with because he was so fascinated by it all.


David and me.

I also got to see Lisa DiFalco, who is a sophomore at Grove City studying in Florence, Italy. She came to visit Paris with her roommate, Rachel, who was great too. We walked around together and I showed them my favorite restaurant in Montmartre.


Lisa and me! (Please excuse the black bars, I tried for like 20 minutes to cut them out, but I couldn’t)

And then also, Sarah Markley (currently studying in Northern Ireland) and Bethany Thomson (currently studying in Seville, Spain) met each other in Paris this weekend and I got to see them! We also walked around Montmartre and ate some good food.


Sarah, Bethany, and me. 

It was so fun to see so many familiar faces this weekend, it made me miss the fellowship at Grove City a lot.

That’s all I have this week , thanks for reading!



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