Another week has passed, making it three weeks since I arrived here, how quickly the time goes! My classes were great this week, but I won’t bore you with all of the details because my weekend was so much more exciting: I got to go to Spain to visit Seville and one of my dear friends, Marley!

(She is studying abroad there this semester and was in Northern Ireland last semester, so I hadn’t seen her since last May. Too long.)

The city was absolutely beautiful. There are windy streets, nice squares, and kind people. It’s also very walkable, which I enjoyed a lot since I almost always need to take the Metro to get places in Paris. We walked around the city for a long time on Friday before touring the Real Alcázar, which is an old Moorish Palace. It was huge and so full of color.


In one of the center courtyards of the palace.

Something I really loved about the city was how seemingly unorganized and colorful it was. The narrow streets along with the Moorish architecture everywhere meant there was always something to look at. There were many mosaics and pastel colors on nearly every building, which made walking around so interesting.

The food was also spectacular! Marley made sure I got to try most of the quintessential Spanish foods: we ate tapas, had a menu of the day two course lunch, ate gelato, and stopped at several little cafes to sip coffee and eat cake (okay, we stopped at the same one twice). It was all so good.

On my first night, we decided to go out to a popular bar (that Randy told me about, a super recommendation) that has Flamenco music and dancing, which was such a cool experience. I got a sangria (another typical Spanish thing to check off my list) and we got to listen to some amazing music and watch some amazing talent; flamenco is a very precise art from the looks of it!

On Saturday we toured the Cathedral of Seville (she had already been, great friend award for doing it again) and it was breathtaking. Apparently it had been built during the time of the Moors to be a mosque, but when the Spanish monarchs got back the control of that part of the country, they made it a Catholic cathedral; however, they didn’t destroy very much of the old, which made it a really fascinating mix of both influences. There is a tall tower that we climbed and it had wonderful 360 degree views of the city.


The city from above. There is bullfighting arena in the center!

From there, we also went to the Plaza de España. It was built for the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition World’s Fair and is quite beautiful. There were many people there dressed in fancy costumes and other people selling things. I think it was my favorite part of Seville! But pictures are worth a thousand words:



In the center of the Plaza (too much sunlight)


Spanish flag flying high!


Marls and I goofing around 🙂

We also went to a church study at the same church where Randy went when he studied abroad here three years ago. It was great to meet the same people he spent time with and hear about their ministry; I wish I could’ve stayed for a Sunday service.

All in all, it was such an amazing weekend; getting to see Marley and see where Randy studied abroad was so cool and being able to speak Spanish rather than struggle in French was quite welcome as well, even if it was for just two days! Back to learning French 🙂

That’s all for now! This week is looking pretty normal with class and whatnot. It’s supposed to cold, sad face.

Thank you for reading!



One thought on “Seville!

  1. Love hearing of your adventures, friend connections, art, history & great photos!
    Love following you my dear❤️ Dee Dee

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