Running Through my Head…

Do you ever have songs stuck in your head? I do. And it’s usually only one line because I can never remember any more than that.

Do you ever go days at a time with the same song/line of a song in your head? What is it saying to you? Is it encouraging you? Is it so annoying that you consciously try to replace it with other songs? Why is that? Our minds are very impressionable and easily able to pick up songs even when we don’t realize it.This is both a blessing and a curse. What are you using it for?

Because the songs sometimes play when we aren’t paying attention, it’s easy to say that they don’t affect us. I think they do. What kind of music we choose to listen to is what will inspire us to be our best selves every day. Or not our best selves. It’s as simple as that.

It’s possible to argue that listening to negative secular music isn’t discouraging, so it’s alright. Now, I’m not here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t listen to, but I will say that that isn’t the right way to approach it the issue. We shouldn’t ask, “Lord, where is the line I can’t cross concerning music before you become unhappy?” Instead, we should be asking, “Lord, how can I glorify you every day in the choices I make?”

When I listen to secular music, it isn’t a bad thing, I have a catchy beat in my head. But when I listen to praise music, it encourages me and spurs me on. I am able to have Jesus in my head all the time, which helps live my day in the most loving way possible. When something tries to enter my mind that isn’t healthy or is tempting to obsess over, the chorus of a worship song starts playing in my mind and there is no room for stress, only room for Jesus. I can’t have both in my head at the same time.

Have you ever tried to remember to include God in your everyday life and failed? I have too, many times. If we read the bible in the morning, is the scripture we read going to start repeating in our head during the day? Chances are, probably not. At least not for me, anyway. Here’s where our mind (you know, the one that picks up every little line and lyric we don’t remember listening to) comes in: songs can play through our head, like reminders, helping us to live better and further God’s kingdom in what we do and with those we interact with.

That’s why I believe it’s so important to fill your mind with beneficial things. Other things aren’t necessarily contaminating (sometimes they are), but hearing Jesus is truly the best. What will you fill your mind with?


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